Training your body without your brain connections is like having a phone with no works, but it's not great. REACH will have you running on 4G in no time!

2 minutes of online brain exercises to enhance vital connections between your brain and body movements.

12 minutes of Fitness, Strength and Flexibility exercises to complete 3 times each week.

Expert Physios on hand wherever you are. No waiting lists, just specialist advice using the latest technology.

Imagine being part of something simple, fun, life-changing, and so easy, that it's almost effortless to be a better version of you.

REACH is the first customised wellbeing programme which rebuilds the connections between your brain and body for long-term wellness and allows you to speak to your very own physio whenever works for you.

You'll get feedback about your body and brain exercises to help you perform better.

6 sessions in your schedule each week, 3 body & 3 brain. Do extra pratice if you like!

REACH Features

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REACH is available to individuals without a registered company, a subscription is priced at £9.99/monthly.

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